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Meet Our Staff

Martin Flanagan

Martin is the founder of Canada Rail Vacations.  He has achieved the goal of turning a travel junkie’s passion into a reality of full time travel.  Martin has travelled to nearly every location in Canada and has stayed in every hotel we work with.  He has been creating and guiding tours since 1995. He has personally guided over 10,000 guests in the past 20 years. Many of these guests are now repeat customers of ours. Martin speaks fluent English and German and was previously a competitor in the sport of luge.  After realizing he couldn’t make a career out of travelling around the world sledding down icy chutes, he figured he would stop the sledding and just travel.  In his spare time, Martin likes hiking, cycling, cross country skiing, travelling, drinking red wine and visiting excellent restaurants worldwide.   Martin’s favourite tour is our Calgary Stampede tour as he personally accompanies our guests to the “Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth”.

If you would like a private guide or if you would personally like to customize your dream holiday, please contact him at martin (at) canadarail (dot) ca. 

Heather Flanagan

Heather is the Managing Partner of Canada Rail Vacations.   After nearly twenty five years of working for companies in high-rise towers in both Calgary and Vancouver, Heather is happy to now be working with the great team at CanadaRail.ca and with her husband and co-managing partner, Martin. 

Together Heather and Martin have travelled to many amazing places, but they really love to show off beautiful and breathtaking Canada to fellow travelers.

When Heather is not crossing the T’s and dotting the i’s at CanadaRail.ca, she can be found indulging in her love of music by attending music concerts all over the world. If you are a music lover, Heather would love to speak with you.  Heather’s favourite tour is our Coast to Coast Rail Adventure.

Spencer Arsenault

Spencer is originally from Ontario, growing up close to Niagara Falls. After completion of college, Spencer moved out to the Rockies where he has worked as a customer service attendant on two of Canada's finest golf courses. He spent two full seasons working for Greywolf Golf Course in Panorama, BC. Spencer strives to provide the very best in customer service, doing whatever it takes to provide his guests with their best possible experience. He looks forward to working with you and booking your dream vacation with Canada Rail Vacations.

Please feel free to talk to him about extending your holiday if you wish to play golf in the Rockies or know more about Niagara Falls. In his spare time, Spencer enjoys watching and playing sports. He golfs in the summer, plays hockey in the winter and has recently taken up skiing. His other hobbies include photography and playing the guitar.

Spencer's favorite tour is our Rockies Explorer

Ryan Cowie

Ryan is our Vancouver based customer representative and although Calgary born, he is a proud Vancouverite. He made the journey to Vancouver via a five year stay in New York City and loves the diversity each city has provided him from the differing landscapes, art and cultural scenes and the vast array of people. Ryan got the travel bug after backpacking through Great Britain and Europe many moons ago and has never looked back. With extensive trips across Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Central America, Ryan strives to bring the same zest for adventure and attention to detail to all of our customer's travels.

When Ryan’s not planning your next Rockies adventure, he’s likely playing hockey, soccer or auditioning and performing in many of Vancouver’s commercial, television, theatre and movie productions. You may have seen him in the Canadian WWI film Passchendaele, an Allstate commercial, regular Wal Mart commericials or many promotional videos he’s done for World Wildlife.  If you're meeting up with Ryan and don't know what he looks like, please see the following video: Wal Mart Ad (Yes, he is always having that much fun)

Ryan’s favourite tour is our Totem Rail Explorer for its cultural diversity.

Andrew Tufford

Born and raised in Ontario, Andrew's passion for travel was ignited after a trip to St. Andrews, Scotland, the "home of golf". After completing a degree in business, Andrew travelled across Canada before settling out west in the Rockies. Andrew loves to share his travel experiences and can help you plan your best trip ever.

In his free time you can find Andrew enjoying British Columbia's beautiful summers on the golf course, playing the guitar or exploring the Rocky Mountains on his snowboard in the winter. Andrew has previously worked for one of Canada's top golf courses at Greywolf Golf Course in Panorama, BC.

Andrew's favourite tour is Rockies Leisure because there is time to golf and hike in both Banff and Jasper, while spending a full day to explore Lake Louise. 

Michaela Daniel

Michaela is one of our Vacation Planners based in the Canadian Rockies. Michaela was born and raised in British Columbia and spent the past six years in Alberta attending university. She completed a degree in Communications and another in International Development. After graduation Michaela took a break before meeting Martin and Heather and joining the CanadaRail.ca team.

During university Michaela did her best to make the one hour drive from Calgary to the Rockies on the weekends to hike, swim, and ski. Michaela is an avid skier, having grown up in a small ski town where everyone over two years old is on the slopes. She enjoys long road trips exploring the wide expanse of Canada. She also enjoys international travel having backpacked Western Europe twice and lived for a year in Ecuador. Michaela has a keen interest in language and speaks both French and Spanish. She is currently learning ASL (American Sign Language) and attempting German.

Michaela's favourite tour is our Totem Rail Explorer because you are able to explore so many different aspects of Western Canada in one tour, from Coast to Rockies and back.

Dalton Feltham

Dalton grew up near Toronto, Ontario. After working for General Motors in his home town, he decided to pursue a future in the travel industry. After completing a diploma in Tourism Management, Dalton moved out west to the Rockies and never looked back.

Dalton has traveled in many different travel styles, including a study abroad program in France where he had the opportunity to spend every weekend experiencing the different cultures of Europe. After completing an internship with us at Canada Rail Vacations in 2016, Dalton spent the winter months travelling the coast of Australia in a camper van. He has done multiple road trips across Canada and the United States, and has spent plenty of time on beaches throughout the Caribbean.

In his time off he can be found on the golf course, running or exploring in nature.

Dalton’s favourite trip is our Best of the West tour as it offers the diversity of spending time in the mountains and near the ocean.

Jenny Naylor

Originally from England, Jenny moved to Canada in 2011 after finishing a bachelors’ degree at the University of Liverpool. The Canadian Rockies called to Jenny, an avid snowboarder, and have been her home ever since. During the winter months Jenny happily pursues her snowboarding and when the days get longer and snow retreats she enjoys hiking and kayaking in the great outdoors.

Jenny has had an infatuation for travel since making a childhood decision to one day visit all the countries in the world. Jenny has combined her fondness for travel with her passion for photography; through photography she aims to get beneath the surface of each new and exciting place she visits. Most of the photos on our company Instagram account are photos that Jenny took while travelling within Canada. Exploring off the beaten track is Jenny’s favorite way to travel and she has found Canada to offer some of the most exceptional travel experiences.

Jenny’s favorite tour is our Coast to Coast Rail Adventure as it allow you to appreciate the distinct cultural and historical variations as you cross Canada.

Ben Janko

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Ben has had the good fortune to travel throughout Canada for work and sports. Previously a competitve golfer, Ben now likes to hike, cycle, and explore the Canadian Rockies on foot, car and bike. Overseas, he has travelled extensively in Western Europe, the Americas, and the Caribbean, but always enjoys the journey home to Canada.

Ben earned a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, and has worked in theatres and schools in Alberta since 2005. Recently, Ben served as the Artistic Director of a theatre company in El Salvador dedicated to violence prevention through participation in the arts.

Ben’s favorite Canada Rail Vacations tour is the Rockies Leisure Tour, partially because of the freedom to hike and explore some of Canada’s natural treasures, but really for the world-class dining in Vancouver, Jasper, Banff and Calgary. The rest of us call him "Chef" because of his culinary abilities.

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