Experiencing Spring on the Banff Gondola

One of the best meals I've ever had in my life was atop the Banff Gondola on Sulphur Mountain.

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Hiking in the Canadian Rockies

Hiking is as quintessential to the Canadian Rocky Mountains as swimming is to the ocean.

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Red Rocks – My New Favourite Tour

Both my friends, and the staff here at Canada Rail Vacations know that one of my favourite places to visit in the world is Utah, specifically the Moab area.

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COVID-19: Booking Procedures and Keeping You Safe on Board

Our main goal is for you to experience world class service while still being as safe as possible along the way. 

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

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How to get the Best Seat Aboard the Rocky Mountaineer

There are no bad seats aboard this staple of the Canadian Rocky Mountains

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Banff National Park aboard the Rocky Mountaineer Train

The Canadian Rockies train chuffs through pine forests that cover most of Western Canada.

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The History of the Canadian Railroads

It gets called everything from Trans-Canadian Railroad to simply Canada Train, but after riding it few forget the spectacular journey across Canada by rail.

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Canada Rail’s History

Our company started as Gaia Travel Services in 1995, but the ideas for it arose much earlier.

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Luxury in the Wilderness: Hotels of the Canadian Rockies

These historic, luxury hotels are available throughout all of our tours through the Canadian Rockies

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