The Best Books About Trains – A Reading List for Riding the Rails

A reading list of the best train-related books to take on a train vacation.

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Canadian Wildfire Updates

Information and Current Travel Updates

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Should I Get Travel Insurance?

The question of whether to get travel insurance is one that comes up often.

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Martin’s Moab Trip

Canada Rail Vacations founder Martin Flanagan's trip and Live Blog from Salt Lake City to Denver

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When is the best time to travel on the Rocky Mountaineer train?

Hiking is as quintessential to the Canadian Rocky Mountains as swimming is to the ocean.

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History of Banff National Park

Information on the history of Banff National Park

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What’s Happening in Calgary – Summer 2023 Edition

A look at all of the special events coming up in Calgary for the 2023 summer.

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Wildfires in Canada and the Impact on Rail Travel

Everything you need to know about the wildfire situation.

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Golfing in the Calgary Flames Alumni Masters – 2023

Golfing in the Calgary Flames Alumni Masters - 2023

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Accessible Train Travel in Canada

Accessibility on the Rocky Mountaineer and VIA Rail.

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