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Thank you for travelling with us in 2013!

We had a really fun and eventful 2013 here at CanadaRail.ca.  We met some very interesting clients from all over the world.  It is our goal as a company to personally meet up with our clients and we were able to get out of the office and personally say hi to over 75% of all of our guests this year.  It was wonderful to meet you all in person after having had some fun and entertaining online/ telephone communication over the winter.  If you are interested in coming to Canada, we are real people on the other end of the phone.  We love Canada, we love to promote Canada and we'd love you to come and ride the rails with us.

This year was a fun year for me.  I personally rode the Rocky Mountaineer three more times this summer. I have always wanted to take my parents on a holiday.  Let’s call it payback for all of the great trips they took us on through the Rockies as kids.   They took us camping to Banff & Lake Louise, drove us to Vancouver and all through the Canadian Rockies.  It was much easier to take my parents on holidays than it likely was for them to take us as kids – they didn’t cry, they didn’t whine and they ate all of their food.  They, like me, were mesmerized by the quality and service provided by Rocky Mountaineer, a company I am very proud to promote and sell.  Both sets of parents said, “We want to do that again sometime!”  

We are hearing the same phrase from our clients, they want to come back.  We have had 98 repeat clients to date.  One of our repeat clients has been here twice this year already and he is already talking of coming back again over the winter.  It will be great to see you again, Arnold.  After having been on the train so many times, people often ask me, “Doesn’t it ever get boring?”  No it doesn’t!  If you love mountains, nature, scenery, excellent customer service and meeting interesting people from all over the world, this is the trip for you.  The Rocky Mountaineer is the best way to travel through Western Canada! 

Many people ask, "What is the best Rocky Mountaineer route to do?" Well it really depends on your personal interests.  What is a highlight for one person may be too long for another.  Please, give us a call, let us get to know you and your travel style.  Describe what kinds of holidays you like, tell us your interests and we'll listen. Tell us your ideal trip ideas and we'll do our best to make your best tour to Canada come true.  Please remember, we specialize in custom holidays.

All of our customers who rode on VIA Rail this summer (my wife included) said the service was equally excellent.  On numerous occasions we had guests tell us how great the food was aboard VIA Rail, comparing it, on par, with Rocky Mountaineer.  VIA Rail, I tip my hat to you and say thanks!  VIA Rail have been great to work with this year and I hope to continue to send them many more happy customers in the future.

2014 is looking great!  Once again, we have some of the best priced Rocky Mountaineer based tours out there. Our newest additional level of service is called GoldLeaf Premium.  This new service includes the bi-level GoldLeaf Dome car aboard Rocky Mountaineer, Fairmont Gold Floor hotel amenities at all available hotels and private tours and transfers throughout your holiday. The private tours will be conducted largely by Max, Travis, Bastiaan and me, who have a combined 58 years guiding experience.  Some people are arguing that I started the private tour service just for an excuse to get out of the office and into the mountains.  Let's just say I love those mountains and I would be proud to show them to you. 

We also have a new tour.  It was based upon a trip I did myself this summer from Vancouver to Whistler to Quesnel to Jasper to Lake Louise to Banff to Calgary.  This tour is called our "Gold Rush Explorer".

If you are looking to get a deal, please remember the earlier you book, the better the price.  There will be more upgrades available to you now than there will be if you wait. It is in our mutual best interest to get the most value for you.  Please give us a call or send us an email and we'll make sure to do that for you.

In Jasper, we have teamed up with the legendary Joe Urie, who continues to awe our Jasper clients with his stories, his guiding, his personality and his ability to find animals.  To learn more about Joe, please watch the following video: Jasper Tour Company.  Once you meet Joe, you'll want to keep coming back to the Rockies. However, he only takes out 9 people per day, so please book early as that will be the only way we can guarantee that you'll get to see the Rockies with Joe.  

We’re here seven days per week to help you plan your 2014 vacation in Canada by rail, your way.

Hopefully we'll see you in 2014,

Martin Flanagan
General Manager
Canada Rail Vacations



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