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Travelling on VIA Rail

There is no doubt that travelling across the country on VIA Rail’s “Canadian” train is an unforgettable way to observe our magnificent landscape. Nothing beats sitting back in the comfort of your seat and watching Canada roll by while taking part in the great tradition of train travel.

As the train pulls out of the station at the start of your journey, you will celebrate the beginning of your trip with complimentary sparkling wine and canapes. Your on-board hosts will make their introductions, and are always happy to answer any questions and provide you with friendly, personalized service. This toast allows you to meet and mingle with other rail travellers, and enhances the excitement of the adventure you are about to undertake!

As night falls, guests retire to their cabins to be rocked to sleep on the rails. Your service attendant prepares the cabins for sleeping by storing the seats away and preparing the beds for a restful night’s sleep. The motion of the train is relaxing, and sleeping on board is an experience like no other. However, if you are a light sleeper, I would advise packing a pair of ear plugs to ensure you get the best night’s rest.

We book all of our guests into private cabins on board the train in order to ensure their comfort. All cabins are equipped with a toilet, sink and vanity, as well as closet space and an electrical outlet to charge your devices. Each cabin also offers a window through which you can watch the scenery as you relax. As is traditional of train travel, single cabins are quite cozy, featuring sofa chair seating during the day and a single bed at night. This bed covers the toilet, making it inaccessible at night. However, there are general use washrooms in each car so as not to pose much of a problem should one have to answer nature’s call in the night. However, single travelers who would appreciate a little more room would do well by booking into a double cabin just for themselves.

The double cabins offer two single beds, one upper and one lower. Should guests desire more space, or are travelling as a group of three, there are also bigger cabins that feature two lower bunks and one upper. No matter how you are travelling, the "Canadian" train is able to accommodate groups of all sizes and configurations.

Of course, if you want to travel in the utmost luxury on rail across Canada, there is a new class of service being offered for 2015. VIA Rail is introducing their new Prestige cars, featuring larger private cabins, newly redone observation dome areas and a new Bullet lounge. The Prestige cabins are beautifully done with wood finish and leather upholstery, and include a full double bed. These well-appointed rooms also offer a mini bar, flat-screen television, and private shower. With all these amenities, it is obvious that Prestige class is the most luxurious way to take in Canada’s beauty by rail. To see pictures of VIA Rail's new Prestige class cars, please click on the following link: PRESTIGE

Meals on board the "Canadian" train exemplify the classic service VIA Rail takes pride in. The dining car is outfitted with tables covered in white table clothes and glassware. You may choose from several options for each meal, and the on-board chefs are always happy to accommodate any meal requests or allergies guests may have. All meals served on board the train are included in your tour package. Should you wish to enjoy an alcoholic beverage while on board, they are available for purchase.

One of the best areas for taking in the scenery across Canada is the dome-viewing car. General seating is available in this area, so guests may come and go at their leisure. VIA Rail also partners with Canadian musicians to offer live entertainment to accompany the amazing scenery. Very often, there is a musician on board the train providing entertainment three times per day.

You can always find information regarding on-board entertainment in the activity car. In addition to live music, VIA offers a number of additional activities to keep guests occupied, ranging from wine tastings, trivia games, and movies. There are also child-friendly activities, should you be travelling with smaller ones.

With so much to do and so much to see, the experience on VIA Rail is sure to please. We here at Canada Rail Vacations are eager to show off our beautiful country and train experience, and we can’t wait to share it with you



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