Current and New Bookings

We have been working with our suppliers and partners to ensure that we are ready to welcome our guests on our tours when our season begins in April 2023. Our main goal is for you to experience world class service while still being as safe as possible along the way. 

We want all Canada Rail Vacations guests to travel with confidence, and we have updated our health and safety procedures to continue to be best-in-class and ensure your journey is safe and comfortable. We look forward to welcoming you in Canada for your trip of a lifetime. 


Keeping You Safe on Board

Rocky Mountaineer

Your Health & Safety is our Priority

We are committed to delivering our world-class service to you while ensuring your health and safety is our highest priority. As government guidelines and industry best practices evolve on the  prevention of COVID-19 and other viruses and illnesses, we are updating our procedures to be best in class.

Before you travel

Quick and seamless check in

  • Our online check-in process will get you onboard as quickly as possible.

Transfers & boarding

Safe personal space

  • We will meet all physical distancing guidelines at time of travel to ensure a safe personal space.

Travel with the same group

  • You will be travelling with the same group of guests for all transfers to and from the train.

Seamless boarding

  • You will board the train directly from the motorcoaches to make the boarding as seamless as possible.

Onboard Rocky Mountaineer

Air filtration system

  • There will be a constant intake and circulation of fresh air with filters that capture 99.9% of airborne particles.

Personal hygiene items

  • Soap, fresh water and hand sanitizer will be readily available in your coach.

Personal use items

  • We have replaced communal use items, such as condiments and menus, with personal use items.

Electrostatic disinfectant spray

  • At the start and end of each travel day, our train interiors will be thoroughly sanitized using an electrostatic disinfectant sprayer.

Thorough sanitization

  • Your train seat and tray table will be sanitized at the start of each day. All high-touch and common areas will be disinfected throughout the day.

Safe personal space

  • We will meet all physical distancing guidelines at time of travel to ensure a safe personal space.
  • Please pack and wear a protective face covering, such as a non-medical face mask, for when two- metre distance between your travel group and others is not possible. This includes moving within the train to and from restrooms, dining room and on the outdoor viewing platform.

In our destinations

Our partners

  • We want to ensure you receive the same high-level of service and commitment to safety throughout your journey as you do onboard our train. We will remain in close communication with our partners regarding any updates to their health and safety protocols as recommended guidelines evolve.


  • All the third-party hotels we partner with have implemented enhanced health and safety procedures in line with recommended best practices. This includes stringent cleaning procedures, plexiglass barriers, physical distancing signage, and hand sanitizer stations
  • Our team is committed to your health and safety

Highly trained

  • Our onboard team is highly trained in providing care and first aid should anything happen during your travel on the train.

Medical protocols

  • If you feel unwell, our onboard team will do everything in their ability to support you, including arranging for transport to the nearest medical facility. If a guest begins to display symptoms of COVID-19, our team will safely relocate them to an isolated rail car.