VIA Rail, Canada’s national passenger rail service, offers a variety of sleeping accommodations for passengers travelling on its long-distance trains. These sleeper cars provide a comfortable and unique way to experience the Canadian landscape and are a great option for those looking to make the most of their time on the train. There are two VIA Rail trains that we book in Canada that you can sleep on, and for varying lengths of time. ‘The Canadian’, which runs between Vancouver and Toronto, will give you four nights onboard the train, while ‘The Ocean’, which runs between Montreal or Quebec City and Halifax, is one night.

The Sleeper Plus Class is what we book for all our guests, regardless of the category of hotel chosen for their tour package. This option features private rooms for one or two, with chairs for the day and bunk beds at night, and a private washroom. The shower is shared by the car and is cleaned regularly, and toiletries and linens are included in your cabin. All your meals are provided while onboard, and you will also have access to the Skyline domed car on the Canadian train.

The most luxurious sleeper car offered by VIA Rail is the Prestige Class, which is only available onboard ‘The Canadian’ between Vancouver and Toronto. The Prestige Cabin, which is 50% larger than the Sleeper Plus Cabins, features a modular leather sofa during the day that transforms into a Murphy bed and a private washroom with a shower. You will have a personal concierge that will take care of you throughout your journey, and you can take advantage of the cabin’s personalized minibar. Three-course meals will be provided in the dining car, and complimentary hors d’oeuvres are available throughout the day. Guests in the Prestige Class also have access to a dedicated lounge car, where they can relax and socialize with other passengers.

All sleeper cars are equipped with air conditioning, heating, and power outlets, so you can stay comfortable and connected during your journey. The sleeper cars also feature large windows, which provide great views of the passing scenery.

Meals are served in the dining car, and the menu is seasonal and changes daily. Meal service begins with a continental breakfast, followed by a hot breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Guests in the Prestige Class have access to the dining car.

Regardless of whether you are in the Prestige Class or the Sleeper Plus Class, you will also be able to experience wine tastings, presentations, and musical acts on certain departures. As well, in addition to your cabin and the dining car, you will have access to the Skyline car and the Park car, which offers the Mural Lounge, the Bullet Lounge, and a scenic top floor with a panoramic view. There you can take in the beautiful rolling prairies, majestic mountain peaks, and rugged lake country.

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