Canada Rail Vacations Terms and Conditions

1. General Terms and Conditions

Please read the following information carefully, as the terms and conditions described herein constitute an agreement between you and those who provide the service. By booking with Canada Rail Vacations Inc, clicking the consent form on the booking form and making payment on a tour, you hereby agree to accept the terms and conditions of this contract. For guests who book through an agent, on behalf of a friend or through a third-party, you are hereby agreeing to the terms and conditions below.


2. Website Prices

All prices herein are quoted in Canadian dollars. Prices and information on the website are for the current and upcoming travel seasons, and are subject to change without notice. Once deposit has been received, processed and an invoice has been sent, you’ll be guaranteed the price for the corresponding services.


3. Exchange Rate

Guests must pay in Canadian dollars. Please contact your bank in advance of payment for information on any additional fees that they may apply, such as Foreign Transaction Fees. We do not charge any merchant fees, foreign transaction fees nor credit card fees. If paying by credit card, your card will be charged in Canadian dollars (CAD) and your credit card company will calculate the amount in your currency based upon their rate structure and the exchange rate that day.


4. Goods and Service Tax (GST)

All prices are subject to GST, which will be charged upon confirmation of booking. Currently the rate is 5% for Canadian GST.


5. Rail-Only and Package Tour Inclusions

The following costs are not included in the advertised price unless otherwise specified: GST, travel insurance, gratuities, beverages, meals, room service or other hotel incidentals, items of a personal nature and all other items not specified in the description of the applicable tour contained on the website. If one of our packages does not meet with your requirements, we will be pleased to customize your rail tour package. Please ask one of our Vacation Planners for details.


6. Possible Alterations

Canada Rail Vacations Inc reserves the right to cancel, modify or alter all or any part of its services when necessary or advisable. Should this occur, Canada Rail Vacations Inc agrees to provide the best alternative available and refund the difference in price. Every effort will be made to adhere to the specifics shown herein; however, circumstances may necessitate alteration, including an accommodation change from properties listed on the website. Hence, all fares, schedules, itineraries, hours of arrival and departure, air schedules and special programs are subject to change without notice at any time.


7. Suppliers’ Liabilities

Canada Rail Vacations, Rocky Mountaineer, Jonview Canada, and VIA Rail act as an agent for and make arrangements with domestic airlines, hotels, bus lines, and other independent parties to provide you with rail and non-rail travel services and accommodations. Although great care is taken to choose suppliers, we are unable to directly control them, and therefore we are not responsible for their acts or omissions. The travel services provided by these suppliers are subject to the conditions imposed by the suppliers, and their liability may be limited by their tariffs, conditions of carriage and international conventions and agreements.


8. Company Liability

Canada Rail Vacations, Rocky Mountaineer, Jonview Canada, and VIA Rail and their respective officers, directors, employees and agents are not responsible for any claim, loss, damage, cost liability or expense arising, direct or indirect, out of injury; accident or death; loss, damage or delay of luggage or other property; or delay, inconvenience, loss of enjoyment, upset, disappointment, distress or frustration, whether physical, mental or otherwise, relating to the provision of rail tour operations, travel services, and accommodations.


9. Force Majeure

Canada Rail Vacations, Rocky Mountaineer, Jonview Canada and VIA Rail will not be responsible for the performance of this agreement if prevented or delayed by acts of God, strikes, accidents, weather, traffic, airport conditions or other causes beyond their reasonable control from meeting its terms. Nor will they be responsible for any loss or damage relating to train cancellations or any other cancellations.


10. Passport/Visa/Health Regulations

Passports: If travelling from outside Canada (including from the U.S.A.) you will require a passport for entry into Canada and appropriate ID for all family members. Airlines reserve the right to refuse boarding without adequate ID.
Visas: Check with your Canada Rail Vacations Vacation Planner and we will direct you to the appropriate national consulate.

*NoteIf you are a visitor to Canada and you are not a citizen of the USA, you may be required to purchase an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). This document can be purchased for CAD $7.00 and most applications are approved within minutes of applying.  Please visit the following government site for information and to purchase this eTA: Electronic Travel Authorization.

Canada Rail Vacations Inc is not responsible for guests refused entry into Canada because of inadequate documentation. Single parents or grandparents travelling with children must ensure proper documentation is obtained for entry into Canada. For further information regarding documentation for entry into Canada, please contact Immigration Canada.

11. Luggage

Rocky Mountaineer:

Guests travelling onboard Rocky Mountaineer are limited to two suitcases per person (total luggage weight not to exceed 30 kg or 66 lbs). No one piece of luggage may weigh more than 23 kg (50 lbs). All baggage or articles are accepted and transported subject to Rocky Mountaineer’s luggage policy. Oversized items, i.e. sports equipment may be subject to a surcharge. All accommodations included as part of Rocky Mountaineer’s rail service in Kamloops, Quesnel, and Whistler are considered “moderate”, regardless of guests’ Hotels Category selections for the remainder of their tour.

Please note that while Rocky Mountaineer attempts to depart on time, the train does not follow a schedule and all arrival times are suggested times. The realities of increased freight traffic may give rise to significant delays. We suggest that you plan accordingly, such as not arranging any flights or transfers on the day that you disembark the train

Note: SilverLeaf and GoldLeaf Service guests’ luggage will be delivered to their Kamloops, Quesnel or Whistler accommodation. All guests should be sure to carry any medications with them on board the train as they will not have access to their luggage once aboard the train.

VIA Rail:

While on board VIA Rail, our recommendation would be to check larger luggage and have a smaller carry-on bag with your change of clothes and toiletries for your time aboard the train. On board you are permitted one small suitcase (max 11.5kg/25lbs, max 54.5 x 39.5 x 23cm, 21.5×15.5×9 in.). In addition to this, each guest is entitled to bring on board one personal item, such as a purse or laptop case.

Guests may check up to two bags free of charge on VIA Rail. Checked bags may weigh up to 23 kg (50 lbs) and have a maximum size of 158 linear centimetres (62 linear inches), and are not accessible during your trip. A $20 fee for overweight or oversized bags may be charged at the discretion of VIA Rail. There may be additional luggage fees if travelling between Toronto – Ottawa – Montreal – Quebec City which will be charged at the discretion of VIA Rail and may be determined by weight at the sole discretion of the check in staff in the station.

The comfort of your journey will be enhanced when you check in larger items.

Please note that while VIA Rail endeavours to operate on time, the realities of increased freight traffic on tracks that we do not own may give rise to significant delays. We suggest that you plan accordingly, such as not arranging any flights or tours on the day that you disembark the train.

Other Tours: Certain tour products featured on the website have baggage restrictions due to either accommodation style or transportation requirements. Please refer to your documentation for full details.


12. Reservation Policies

Deposit Policy
A deposit must be received at the time of booking to confirm your reservation in accordance with the present offer. Deposits may be made by money wire, electronic transfer, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Refund Policy Once deposits have been received, they are fully non-refundable. Requests for refunds must be directed in writing to [email protected]. No refunds will be made because of airline delays, unused services or other acts beyond the control of Canada Rail Vacations Inc, Rocky Mountaineer Vacations and VIA Rail.

Cancellation Policy If you cancel a confirmed reservation, notification from you or your travel agent must be received by telephone in Canada Rail Vacations office. A written notification must follow immediately by e-mail to [email protected].

Note : A change to a later flight date, later arrival date or later train departure date (either rail only or as part of a package) is considered a cancellation. Charges will be calculated per person and based on the date the cancellation notice is first received. There will be no exceptions to any of the charges. Please note the cancellation policy schedule. Cancellation charges are subject to GST.


13. Final Payment

Final payments should be made by electronic transfer, money order or bank wire transfer in Canadian funds (CAD). Credit cards are accepted and are subject to the current exchange rates at the time of payment.

If sending certified cheques drawn on financial institutions outside Canada, an additional 30-day period is required (100 days in total) to permit international bank clearance procedures.

Please send certified cheques or money order payments to:

Canada Rail Vacations, Inc.
Suite 206, 1400 Kensington Road NW
Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2N 3P9
Tel: +1 403 457 4280
Toll-Free: 1 888 589 3777 (U.S.A & Canada)


14. Insurance

We highly recommend that you purchase travel insurance to protect you and your investment from unexpected events and circumstances. Should you need a referral, we have had good experience with Sanderson Travel Insurance, but of course, please book through the insurance provider of your choice. Canada Rail Vacations does not provide travel insurance.


15. Wire Transfer Payments

Please note that your final payment (as noted on your confirmation invoice) is due 70 days prior to departure. We accept wire transfers in Canadian dollars (CAD). If you wish to pay by wire transfer, please let us know and we will forward you the applicable banking details.

Please send a scanned copy of your bank wire transfer by e-mail to [email protected].

The authorization (written or verbal) to use a credit card number indicates you or your client’s compliance with our booking terms and conditions, whether or not you or they have signed the appropriate draft.

Credit card deposits, charges and final payments will be processed in Canadian funds.


16. Last-Minute Bookings

Last-minute bookings are welcome; however, late package bookings usually require a minimum of 72 hours to request and confirm availability. We will do our best to supply you with your tour documents in a quick, efficient and complete manner.


17. Itinerary Changes and Reduction of Services to Non-Rail Tour Components

A fee per person may be applied to each non-rail component change made to the itinerary once the original booking has been confirmed

Change Fee (CAD)
71 or more days $500 (per person)
0 to 70 days No Changes Permitted


A change fee will not be administered for an addition to your tour or upgrade of service if made more than 70 days prior to your trip, depending upon availability. Within 69 days of your trip or once your balance has been paid in full, an administration fee may be charged for non-emergency additions such as, but not limited to, hotel nights, sightseeing tours and transfers. For a change in rail components (train departure date, name change or other), please refer to our cancellation policies. If there are any charges incurred by Canada Rail Vacations as a result of changes made, they will be applied to the booking in addition to the change fee. Change fees are subject to GST.

Separate change fees for domestic airline tickets will apply and are at the discretion of the airline.


18. Travel Documentation

Travel Documentation will be emailed to the client as a PDF four weeks prior to departure. This will include all vouchers and travel itineraries. If you require your Travel Documentation earlier than four weeks, please let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate your requests. Travel Documentation will not be sent out prior to final payment being received.

Note: Guests will be advised of their Kamloops, Quesnel, or Whistler accommodation upon check-in at the departure station. All accommodations included as part of Rocky Mountaineer’s rail service in Kamloops, Quesnel, and Whistler are considered “moderate”, regardless of guests’ Hotels Category selections for the remainder of their tour.


19. Rail Connections

Please arrive at your predetermined pick up location on time in accordance with your travel documentation to ensure your luggage is checked. We strongly recommend that you do not make your own onward travel arrangements the night of arrival at your destination.

Train travel in Canada is subject to unforeseen delays, and departure and arrival times cannot be guaranteed. Canada Rail Vacations Inc will not be responsible for missed connections if you have booked them the same day as the train arrival date.


20. Cancellations

A change in flight date, lodge, arrival date or train departure date (either rail only or as part of a package) is considered a cancellation. Changes to tour arrival dates or train departure dates constitute a cancellation. If a tour is rescheduled, the tour becomes non-refundable in full at time of rescheduling.

Rocky Mountaineer Rail-Only (Two-Day Rail)
71+ $1500 per person $1500 per person
0-70 100% of payment due 100% non-refundable


Canada Rail Vacations Tour Packages
(Including One-way Tours, Trans-Canada Tours, Circle Tours*, Luxury Rail Tours, Winter Rail Vacations, Rail and Drive Vacations and Self-Drive Options)
71+ $1500-$3000 per person $1500 – $3000
0–70 100% of payment due 100% non-refundable


Premium Tours with Private Guides and Prestige Rail Car
71+ $3000 $3000
0–70 100% of payment due 100% non-refundable

We reserve the right to pass on any additional costs charged by our suppliers. Cancellation fees may be subject to tax.

* Additional non-refundable deposits may apply to some vacation packages that include flights, cruises or additional rail days.


21. COVID-19

The parties acknowledge that the COVID-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on the travel industry, the movement of persons and the ability for persons to assemble in groups, and that the impact of COVID-19 may continue for all or any portion of the 2024 travel season. The parties expressly acknowledge and agree that, notwithstanding any other provision contained herein: (A) any governmental or administrative restriction, action, advisory, order, guideline, regulation or law imposed, taken or enacted in response to COVID-19, whether imposed, taken or enacted prior to, during or following the consummation of this Agreement (collectively, “Governmental Action”) that (i) renders the performance of Canada Rail Vacations’ obligations under this Agreement illegal, impossible or in conflict with a Governmental Action, or (ii) results in a guest’s inability to attend all or any portion of their itinerary, constitutes a force majeure event for the purposes of section 9 (Force Majeure) of this Agreement; and (B) in the preceding circumstances, as these constitute acts beyond the sole control of Canada Rail Vacations, no refunds will be made or payable by Canada Rail Vacations. Instead, Canada Rail Vacations will provide a credit for all tours originally scheduled in 2020 and affected tours in 2021 such as will enable the guest to rebook an equivalent rail tour in the following years. For any booking received prior to March 18, 2020 and was rescheduled due to suspended dates in 2020 or 2021, travel credit was issued and is fully non-refundable. In situations where guests have not exceeded their Rocky Mountaineer granted date change allocations, this travel credit is valid throughout 2023, is valid as credit only and cannot be redeemed for cash. Should new border restrictions affect travel between our countries in 2024, we will continue to do our very best for our clients and ensure your full amount paid can be used towards future travel credit.