We get asked about the difference between Rocky Mountaineer’s SilverLeaf and GoldLeaf Service almost every day.

In order to get right into the heart of this question without sounding like I’m waxing poetic, here are the main differences:

  • GoldLeaf takes place in a bilevel dome car. This means that you are seated underneath a wrap around glass dome, allowing you an unrestricted view of the sky right from your seat.
  • Another feature is the open-air vestibule. That’s train speak for a platform where you can step outside and get some fresh air. Its fascinating to stand out there as you wind through the mountains, meeting others from all over the world.
  • The dining experience aboard GoldLeaf is also taken to another level. You’ll enjoy your three course, gourmet meals in a separate dining area as the scenery rolls by.
  • There are also extra on-board hosts to entertain you with stories about the area, as well as bring you unlimited drinks served from the bar; from fancy cocktails to local wine and beers.

If you like feeling like royalty, GoldLeaf is definitely right for you.


That’s not to say that SilverLeaf isn’t exquisite. You still have fantastic on-board hosts serving delicious meals right to your seat. Although you won’t be in a glass dome car, the raised glass windows still provide excellent view of the world class scenery. The open-air section allows you to view outside with the wind on your face for some pictures, but isn’t a large vestibule like the one in GoldLeaf.

I’d encourage you to watch both videos on GoldLeaf and SilverLeaf by clicking this link: GoldLeaf vs SilverLeaf Video


Is GoldLeaf Service worth it? 

Absolutely. If the cost difference (an extra CAD $810 per person depending upon the time of the year) isn’t an issue, we recommend it without a doubt. However, there are a few circumstances where SilverLeaf may better suit your needs.


When is it recommended to book SilverLeaf Service instead of GoldLeaf?

Guests who want to keep to themselves a bit more, may prefer SilverLeaf as GoldLeaf is quite social. Additionally, we recommend guests with mobility restrictions (particularly those who have a hard time with stairs) consider SilverLeaf, as it is a single-level train car instead of a bilevel train car. There is an elevator in GoldLeaf, however it can be a bit cumbersome as a staff member has to be the one to operate it.


Where are the best seats on the Rocky Mountaineer?

This is a question that is asked so often I went ahead and wrote a separate blog specifically dedicated to it. The short answer is, every seat is top notch. Here’s a link to that blog: https://canadarail.ca/how-to-get-the-best-seat-aboard-the-rocky-mountaineer/


The views expressed in this blog are my own. While I have been on the Rocky Mountaineer over 18 times (as of October 2022), I have also booked over 10,000 clients aboard the train and these opinions are based upon those clients’ post travel survey answers. Of course, if you’d like to discuss further, please feel free to reach out by email (martin @ canadarail.ca or by telephone (Extension #704). I’m easy to reach and I try to always be available to our clients.


I hope this helped answer some questions for you.


Happy holidays!

Martin Flanagan

General Manager and Owner

Canada Rail Vacations