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Here you will find all of the necessary information to make the best of your time in Port Hardy. From arrival and departure information, daily tour pick up times, and general information about the city.


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About Port Hardy, British Columbia

general city info

Arrival Information:

Your arrival at Port Hardy will be at the end of the “Victoria to Port Hardy tour” and your tour guide will drop you off at your hotel.

Departure Information:

You will be departing from Port Hardy by ferry and your tour guide will drop you off at the terminal at the scheduled time.

Restaurant Recommendations:

Port Hardy is a small ferry-fishing  town and the restaurant offer is a bit limited. In any case we also have a few recommendations:

Quarterdeck Restaurant and Pub ~ It’s pub comfort food, but it’s Port Hardy so don’t expect much. But the views are really nice and the breakfast buffet is good.
Address: 6555 Hardy Bay Road

Ha’Me’ ~ It’s a First Nations themed restaurant. Definitely worth trying. None of our staff have tried it yet, but we would love to support the local First Nations.
Address: 9040 Granville Street

Karai Sushi & Grill ~ Surprisingly great sushi in Port Hardy, the freshest fish and many more options
Address: 4030 Byng Road (Airport Inn)

Sightseeing Recommendations:

There are many small charter and tour companies that will show you by air, sea or land this beautiful corner of northern Vancouver Island. Here are a few things to do while in town:

Quatse Salmon Stewardship Centre: Take a guided tour of a working salmon hatchery and learn what makes wild salmon the lifeblood of the BC Coast.

Carrot Park: Located in the heart of Port Hardy, this park boasts, among other things, beautiful ocean views, and a permanent totem poles exhibit.

Port Hardy Museum & Archives: The Port Hardy Museum & Archives exhibits aboriginal artifacts, early settler’s effects, natural history materials, and local industrial equipment.