Travel across Canada in style with Prestige accommodations aboard VIA Rail

Combine nostalgia and luxury to get prestige: unparalleled customer service, five-star accommodation, and the finest attention to detail. The Prestige rail cars aboard VIA Rail’s “The Canadian” train are a masterpiece of design and a once in a lifetime travel experience. Cap off this all-inclusive train experience by including private transfers, private tours and Fairmont Gold Floor hotel rooms.

What makes Prestige Class different from the standard sleeper cabins?

  • A spacious cabin
  • A large window
  • By day, a large “L” shaped leather sofa, facing the window
  • By night, a double murphy bed, facing the window
  • Private bathroom, including a shower
  • A flat-screen TV
  • A stocked mini bar
  • Heated floors
  • Unrestricted access to the Prestige Park Car
  • Concierge Service
  • Priority Reservations in the dining car
  • Pre-dining appetizer service
  • Expedited luggage handling at major stations
  • Priority check-in at major stations

This is a view inside one of the spacious and luxurious Prestige cabins. By day it is set up with a large, leather sofa. Of course you also have access to various other cabins like the Skyline, Park and Renaissance car, but spending time in here is perfect if you are looking for a little bit of privacy.

In the evening staff come around and pull out the double murphy bed hiding inside your couch. This bed is positioned facing towards the large window, so when you are lying in bed trying to fall asleep, or just opening your eyes in the morning, you can watch Canadian landscapes pass by.

This is a view of the Park Lounge car. You will have unrestricted access to this car during your time on board the train. Some activities that take place here are wine tastings, and interactive talks about the surrounding area and it’s geography.

Travel on one of our Canadian Prestige train trips during the winter months of November to March and save!

Because of Canada’s cold winters, the major tourist season is during the summer months. That makes travelling in winter an excellent time to avoid crowds and cut costs. By travelling on one of our Canadian Prestige trips, you can experience the undeniably beauty of our winter season while also avoiding the cold weather as you cross the country from the warmth and comfort of VIA Rail’s Canadian train!