Travelling to Canada From Another Country - Inbound Travel Insurance

Securing travel insurance is an important step in the planning process of your Canada Rail Vacation. For many of our clients, the tour packages that we provide are once-in-a-lifetime vacations that are dreamt about, and planned for, more than one year in advance before they become reality. With long lead-ups, high cancellation fees, and the ever-changing travel landscape these days, establishing peace of mind and protecting you and your investment from unexpected events and circumstances is crucial.

That is why we highly recommend that you take a moment to receive a quote for Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance from TuGo – Travel Insurance using the link below.

Please take a moment to read the following instructions before proceeding to the form as it contains important information that you will require to complete the process:

Tips For Filling Out Your Insurance Quote:

Origin = Your place of residence
Destination = British Columbia (for the majority of Canada Rail guests)

Once a coverage option has been selected, you will need to click the “Add to Cart” button for each

If you are from outside of Canada seeking Visitors to Canada Medical Insurance, you may use the Canada Rail Vacations mailing address and phone number in order to fill out the form:

206-1400 Kensington Road NW
Calgary, Alberta
T2N 3P9

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By clicking this button, you’ll be redirected to TuGo’s secure website, where you can get a quote and purchase travel insurance.

Types of Travel Insurance to Consider for Your Canada Rail Vacation:

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Trip Cancellation and Interruption:

If you need to cancel your trip before your scheduled departure, or your trip is interrupted while you’re already on vacation, Trip Cancellation & Trip Insurance reimburses for non-refundable unused prepaid travel arrangements that can’t be recovered from another source.

With covered risks including medical conditions related to COVID-19, quarantining, pregnancy, job loss, or a death in the family, Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption protects the financial investment you’ve made on your trip.

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Visitors to Canada Emergency Medical Insurance:

Canada has a great healthcare system, but if you’re not a resident, you won’t be covered—and medical costs are expensive. That’s why the Canadian government recommends all visitors buy a minimum of $100,000 in travel insurance coverage before arriving in Canada.

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If you are a Canadian Resident requiring Medical Coverage while outside of your home province, we recommend purchasing through Sanderson Travel Insurance.

4 Reasons to Choose TuGo

For 8+ years, TuGo has been help Canada Rail Vacations of travellers like you have better experiences. Here are 4 reasons to choose TuGo.

1. Simple eligibility requirements
It’s quick and easy to qualify, with no medical questions if you’re 59 or younger. If you’re 60+, TuGo’s Medical Health Questionnaire is straightforward, with only 5 questions!

2. Competitive pre-existing condition coverage
Unstable pre-existing conditions are a major reason claims aren’t paid out. Age, trip length and the stability of your condition before leaving on the trip are all factors which impact coverage. TuGo has the right coverage for your needs.

3. Comprehensive emergency medical protection
If you go to a hospital or clinic while away, you want comprehensive coverage. If you need medical assistance while on your trip,
call Claims at TuGo, who will coordinate with medical staff to get you the best treatment possible.

4. Claims at TuGo
Claims at TuGo deal with the details, so you don’t have to. You’ll have access to a renowned Claims team, with 24/7 emergency assistance. They’ll help coordinate treatment and arrange further assistance, anywhere in the world.

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To See Canada Rail Vacations Terms and Conditions, see here: Terms & Conditions

*Canada Rail Vacations staff cannot legally provide advice on the purchase of your insurance coverage.
Please contact Tugo-Travel Insurance for an online quote, Sanderson Travel Insurance if you would like to speak to someone about your options over the phone, or Travel Guard if you are traveling on one of our Southwest USA trips.