Popular Tour Add-ons

Extend your vacation by including an additional location add-on to your tour package

Extend Your Canada Rail Vacation

At Canada Rail Vacations, we are always happy to customize any of our listed tour packages to create the Canadian train trip that you’ve always dreamed of. With that said, many of our tour packages may already include the majority of the destinations on your bucket list but require a few minor changes to fit your exact travel plans. Below you’ll find a collection of our most popular tour additions but if you don’t see the destination that you would like to include, please let us know and we can build you a custom tour package with it included!

Tour Add-Ons

Featured Destinations to add to your Canada Rail Vacation

These are just a few of our available add-on options to extend your travel in Canada.
We are always happy to customize all of our tours so let us know if there is somewhere you’d like to visit, and we’ll be happy to plan something just for you.

Other Additions to Consider For Your Canada Rail Vacation

Additional Hotel Nights

All of our tour packages can be customized to include additional time in the destination of your choice should you wish to extend your stay in a location along the way.  Most of our tour packages are designed to include the highlights of each location but don’t necessarily allow for the opportunity to slow down and explore a destination in depth. When adding additional nights mid-tour, we may have to work within the limitations of train schedules as they do not run every day, but we are happy to make those schedule changes for you.

Additional nights can also be added to the beginning or end of your tour package at competitive rates so that you can better align your vacation with flights, adjust to the time differences, or just slow down and enjoy your destination in-depth.

Additional Sightseeing Tours

When your tour package includes free time in a destination, we are always happy to include, or recommend additional sightseeing tours and attractions.

You can also upgrade any of the tours in our packages to a Private Tour should you wish to explore at your own pace, see different sights from the standard itinerary, or simply take advantage of a more intimate experience with a private Tour Guide.

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