Canadian Rockies Tours

From the shores of the Pacific to the heights of the Canadian Rockies, experience Canada's natural wonders by travelling historic railways.

Canadian Rockies Train Vacations

Imagine being cradled in the lap of luxury as you glide through the Canadian Rockies’ breathtaking landscapes on the Rocky Mountaineer train. It’s not your ordinary train ride; it’s an immersive journey through the heart of the Rocky Mountains, bringing guests to Banff, Lake Louise, and Jasper. While in these mountain towns, stay at iconic hotels and visit the best highlights that our National Parks have to offer.

Whether you’re in GoldLeaf Service or SilverLeaf Service, you’re treated like a VIP. You’ll savor regional cuisine, soak up tales from knowledgeable hosts, and enjoy a range of beverages. What’s more, you’ll never miss a moment of the stunning scenery because your daylight-only journey will always end for the day just as the sun goes down.

So, hop aboard the Rocky Mountaineer and let the adventure unfold.

Canadian Rockies Destinations

Visit some of the most beautiful places Canada has to offer.

Luxury Train Travel & The Canadian Rockies

The Rocky Mountaineer train ensures a seamless journey with impressive services. Transfers between the train station and your hotels are taken care of, and your luggage is delivered straight to your hotel room. As the train winds its way through breathtaking landscapes, your attentive Onboard Attendants will share fascinating knowledge and stories about the regions you traverse.

You’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness that goes into the Rocky Mountaineer’s operations. The train travels during the day to ensure you don’t miss any scenic beauty. Accommodations for the night are arranged in Kamloops, allowing you to rest and recharge for the next day’s adventure. Onboarding the Rocky Mountaineer isn’t just about reaching your destination; it’s about immersing yourself in the journey. From the exceptional service to the stunning vistas, every detail is designed to make your trip unforgettable.

Canadian Rockies Vacation Packages

Canadian Rockies Vacation Packages

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