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About Prince Rupert, British Columbia

Located on the traditional territory of the Tsimshian, Gitxsan, Nis ga’a, Haida, and Heiltsuk people, the port city of Prince Rupert is located on Kaien Island. The port is the deepest ice-free natural harbour in North America, making the city an important shipping location. Named after Prince Rupert of the Rhine, the first Governor of the Hudson’s Bay Company, the city relies on fishing, lumber and tourism to support its economy. For nature lovers, Prince Rupert borders on some pristine wilderness. During your time in the area, check out the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary. A remarkable experience that puts you in touch with nature and exposes you to the wonders of these incredible creatures and the habitats that they dominate.

Population – 12,000

Arrival Information:

Upon arrival in Prince Rupert by ferry or Skeena train, you will need to take a taxi to your hotel. Please note that it is not possible to prearrange a taxi for arrivals as they will be waiting upon the arrival of the ferry on a first-come, first-serve basis. Getting a taxi here can be a difficult endeavor at times as there is often a large group of people waiting with just a few taxis available in town. To prepare for this, we strongly recommend having cash on hand for taxis as not all of them have working debit machines due to the remote nature of Prince Rupert. Cash is also very helpful as you may want to make friends in the taxi line that are going to a similar destination and split the ride with them.

If you need to contact Skeena Taxi, their number is 1 250-624-2185.

Departure Information:

If you are departing from Prince Rupert by Skeena train or ferry, we recommend ordering a taxi to go to the Fairview Terminals where both are located. Your hotel’s front desk staff will be happy to arrange it for you but it is strongly recommended that you call Skeena Taxi at 1 250 624 2185 the day prior in order to book your taxi in advance as there is a limited number of taxis available in town. Cash is strongly recommended for payment as some taxis in Prince Rupert may not have working debit machines.

If you are departing from Prince Rupert by air, the Prince Rupert Airport is located on Digby Island, across the harbour from Prince Rupert. A shuttle bus will take you onto a ferry and to the airport. The cost of the shuttle is included in your airfare. For Air Canada Jazz, the shuttle stops at the transportation centre directly across the street from the Inn on the Harbour hotel.

Restaurant Recommendations:

Prince Rupert is a small town with a busy train and ship schedule passing through. There are some good restaurants to enjoy a fine meal or local fresh seafood as it was formerly known as the halibut and salmon capital of the world. Here are some suggestions:

Cowbay Cafe ~ Small, quirky cafe on the pier which is a good place to grab a coffee in the morning,as well as an Italian restaurant with a good wine list at night. Call ahead for lunch and dinner reservations. Bring a jacket if you want to sit out on the deck.
Address: 205 Cowbay Road

Waterfront Restaurant at Crest Hotel ~ Fine dining restaurant located at the Crest Hotel with a wide variety of menu options and a great view. Call ahead for reservations and a table with a good view.
Address: 222 1st Avenue West

Rodhos Pizza – Seafood & Steakhouse ~ Greek, Italian & Indian fusion restaurant with the best pizza in town. Good option if you’re looking for takeout or delivery after 4 pm.
Address: 716 2nd Avenue West

Fukasaku of Prince Rupert ~ Fresh, locally caught seafood and sushi restaurant. The harbour-side of a street facing gift shop. Closes between lunch and dinner services.
Address: 215 Cow Bay Road

La Gondola Cafe ~ For those staying at the Inn on the Harbour, they offer sandwiches and salads that you can pick up the day before the train. In-house dining is casual Canadian and Italian cuisine.
Address: 710 1st Avenue West

Walmart ~ There is a Walmart within walking distance of most hotels in town if you are looking for snacks to bring on the train.
Address: 500 2nd Avenue West

Sightseeing Recommendations:

Prince Rupert offers many outdoor activities that will immerse you in some of the most beautiful wilderness settings in the world to observe sea and land wildlife firsthand. Here is a shortlist of things to do while in Prince Rupert:

Cowbay Marina – Visitors will have access to a plethora of shops and services all located within a five-block radius. Boutique shopping includes gift stores, art galleries, and artisan shops. Marine re-fitters and supply stores are within easy walking distance. People can re-provision easily, with access to several grocery stores and a liquor store. Great restaurants offer a variety of international cuisine. There is a pub and microbrewery all within walking distance.

Whale Watching – In what it is one of the most reliable locations to see Whales in North America, you might get to see grey whales, humpback whales, orcas and porpoises. Sailing July through mid-September.

Grizzly Viewing in the Khutzeymateen – The remote and pristine environment of Khutzeymateen is densely populated by grizzly bears who find here stunning feeding waters. Sea Lions, harbour seals, eagles, blue herons also inhabit this area. Available May through July.

Hiking Trails – There are some great hikes in and around town. Please ask the hotel concierge for a map.