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Hotel Categories & Levels of Service.

Every tour by Canada Rail Vacations includes your choice of four different levels of accommodation: Popular, Superior, Deluxe and Premium Hotels. Each hotel has been carefully selected to ensure the highest level of comfort and service. Our base level of hotels or “Popular hotels” typically include standard room types in major hotel chains such as Marriott, Delta, and Sheraton properties. Our high end hotel options, or “Premium hotels” include the Gold Floor at all Fairmont hotels across Canada where available, otherwise known as the Grand Railway Hotels. See below for more information.


Popular Hotels are moderately priced for the value-conscious guest and offer clean, comfortable rooms with some amenities.


Superior Hotels provide you with upgraded rooms at Popular Hotels or base-level rooms at some of our 4-star properties.


Deluxe Hotels offer a guarantee of either a larger room or a spectacular view at one of the Superior Hotels, or at a 4.5-star hotel.


Premium Hotels offer the Gold Floor at Fairmont Hotels or the equivalent at other 4.5 to 5-star properties.

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*Guests booking in the Superior, Deluxe, or Premium hotel category will receive a Popular hotel room in Port Hardy