VIA Rail - "The Skeena" Route - Westbound

VIA Rail is Canada’s classic passenger rail service. The “Skeena” train travels between Jasper and Prince Rupert during daylight hours with an overnight hotel stop in Prince George along the way. It is more of a rustic experience with spectacular views as you travel along the Skeena River and through various mountain ranges.


Please arrive at the Jasper train station 60 minutes prior to the departure time noted on your VIA Rail Tickets which are included in your travel documents.

When you arrive at the station, please have the VIA Rail Tickets on hand in paper form, or on your mobile device. These include a QR code to be scanned at check-in. A valid photo ID is also required at check-in.

For train station details in each location along this route, see below: LINK

This route is serviced by Economy Class.

Checked baggage service is available. Once your luggage has been checked, it will not be accessible until you reach your destination each evening.

The food services on this route are quite limited so bringing your own snacks/food onboard is strongly recommended. To prepare, please review the Jasper Restaurant Recommendations page and Prince George Restaurant Recommendations page. *Fridge access is not available onboard.

Upon arrival at the Prince Rupert train station, you will need to take a taxi to your hotel. Please be patient as there are a limited number of taxis in town with a large number of people getting off the train at one time. Cash is strongly recommended for payment as drivers tend to choose cash payments first.  You may call Skeena Taxi shortly prior to the arrival of the train to make sure that there will be taxis waiting, however, they are unlikely to hold a taxi specifically for you and will operate on a first-come, first-serve basis.

For more information on the Skeena train, visit:

VIA Rail - The Skeena

Westbound Train Schedule:


Train #5

Departure Location:

Departure Time:

Arrival Location:

Arrival Time:

Jasper, AB:

12:45 PM

Prince George, BC:

19:08 PM

Prince George, BC:

08:00 AM (+1 Day)

Prince Rupert, BC:

20:25 PM

To check the status of your train, visit the tracking page and select train number 5 from the drop-down menu.

Station Details:

2000 Park Ave., Prince Rupert, BC, V8J 4P7

Please take a taxi to or from the Prince Rupert Station. Taxi services are available through Skeena Taxi at 1 250 624 2185. Please call the day prior to pre-book your taxi as there are limited taxis available in town. Paying in cash is strongly recommended.


1300 - 1st Ave., Prince George, BC, V2L 2Y3

Please take a taxi or walk(less than 10 minutes) to your hotel. Taxi services are available through Prince George Taxi at 1 250 564 4444

Walking instructions for guests staying at the Ramada Plaza(850 meters away): View in Google Maps

607 Connaught Dr, Jasper, AB, T0E 1E0, Canada

If you are staying at the Whistler’s Inn, the hotel is located directly across the street from the station. The Crimson hotel is also a short walk away from the station.
If you are staying at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge or Forest Park Hotel, the hotel shuttle service will be available for transfer if you have been provided with a Jonview voucher as confirmation. You may also want to call the hotel in advance to confirm.

If you are staying at any other Jasper hotel, please take a taxi as rail station transfers are not included for this part of your journey.


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