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Trans Canadian Railway Tours

Trans-Canada Tours are for our guests who want to be able to experience how vast and majestic Canada is. These tours vary greatly in length depending on if you want a shorter journey of 5 nights (Trans Canada Express) or would prefer to travel from Coast to Coast in a more leisurely fashion. You can choose whether you would prefer to start in Western Canada and travel east or begin in Eastern Canada and travel west. As with all of our tours we are glad to customize these tours to make them your ideal vacation. Our recommendation for a great Trans-Canada tour is our Trans Canada Train Adventure. If you are not looking for a tour and would simply like to book train tickets through us, we can also do that for you by clicking here: Contact us

2018 Operational Update - May 23, 2018

The route between Jasper and Toronto is served by VIA Rail. While VIA Rail endeavors to operate on time, the realities of increased freight traffic on tracks that they do not own may give rise to significant delays. We suggest that our clients plan accordingly, such as not arranging additional tours, transportation, important events on the day of train arrival or scheduling a flight out close to the time of train arrival. This is has not been a regular occurrence in the past, but during the month of May, trains have been arriving in Toronto between 10 to 20 hours late. We want our guests to know of the possibility and that we always do our best to accommodate our guests should the train be late.

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